The Company’s Risk Management Policy is designed to provide the framework to identify, assess, monitor and manage the risks associated with the Company’s business. The Board adopts practices designed to identify significant areas of business risk and to effectively manage those risks in accordance with the Company’s risk profile.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that risks, and also opportunities, are identified on a timely basis and that the Company’s objectives and activities are aligned with the risks and opportunities identified by the Board.

The risks involved in a Finance Company and the specific uncertainties for the Company continue to be regularly monitored, the full Board of the Company formally reviews such risks at least annually.

The Company’s main areas of risk include:

  • Financial Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Human Risk
  • Political Risk
  • Economic cycle/marketing Risk
  • Legal and compliance Risk

The Company has in place a control framework to assist the Board in identifying, assessing, monitoring and managing risk. The framework can be described under the following headings:

  • Continuous Disclosure/ Financial Reporting
  • Operations Review
  • Investment Appraisal