As required by Reserve Bank of India vide RBI/2006-07/138 DNBS (PD) CC No. 80/03.10.042/2005-06 the Board of Directors of the Company have adopted Fair Practice code (FPC) as under:


Various financial products of the company are & shall be available to all eligible and qualified applicants irrespective of caste, creed and marital Status. Its policy is to treat all customers equally, fairly and consistently. It will further ensure implementation of Fair Practice Code honestly and prudently with full responsibility of entire organization. It shall adopt all the best practice prescribed by RBI from time to time and shall make modification if necessary. FPC is applicable to all products and services offered by us currently or in future irrespective of whether the same is provided physically, over phone, on internet or any other method existing or futuristic.


The company promises to act fairly and diligently with its customers, meeting all laws and regulation mentioned in FPC. It shall assist the customer prudently by explaining all the pros & cons of a financial product, which he/she has opted for, so that the customer has trouble free experience dealing with the company. Mistakes will be corrected and complaints will be handled promptly by the company. It will reverse the charges applied to customers mistakenly.


Loan application form of the company will include all necessary information and indication of documents required to be submitted by customers. Further it shall dispose off the loan application within reasonable time along with confirmation of rate of interest and other terms and conditions of sanction. The company’s decision to recall/ accelerate payment shall be in consonance with loan agreement. It shall release all securities of the borrower as and when he/she pays all the dues except in case where the company has any right or lien for any claim against the borrower. The company shall convey the final outcome on the request from of borrower for transferring his account to any other financial institution within 21 days from such date of request. In case of recovery of loan the company shall not resort to undue harassment of the borrower.


The company will upload its FPC on its website for customer convenience. It shall give prior notice for any kind of change in terms and condition to the borrower. It will refrain itself from interfering in the personal affairs of customer except in case where any new and/or undisclosed information of customer comes to its notice. The company will ensure that all advertising and promotional activities are fair and reasonable. Unless authorized, the company will treat all personal information of customers as confidential. It shall lay down appropriate grievance redressal mechanism and will work on complaints of customers quickly. Consolidated periodical review reports of functioning of FPC & grievance redressal mechanism will be submitted to board at regular intervals.


Various commitments outlined and made by the company are applicable under normal operating environment and not in the event of force majeur.